My five a day to keep us whistling along.

1. DTY FM: This is my favourite radio station in the world. It’s called Dance To Your Favourite Music and is a must to keep you sharp and healthy. Your brain gets an added kick when the glorious utopia of a favourite tune swarms your senses. I do about 15 minutes a day and the body is completely invigorated.

2. Meditation: 10 to 15 minutes, every morning and night. I’ve had terrible insomnia (since I couldn’t remember my own name; but that’s another story) so this has been a godsend. Generally, I escape to the Valley of Windmills (stop giggling) and that allows me to relax completely and get a passable night’s sleep.

3. The Daily Shoulder Stand: Okay, it sounds like some terrible tabloid newspaper for sharp-elbowed hacks but I reckon it’s got secret soothing powers. So lean back, legs up and hold tight. What do you mean you might get a dislocation? Not if you do it right, you won’t.

4. Tai Chi: As someone who’s had neurological problems in the past, I found the simple, soothing exercises of Tai-Chi sorting out my neck and lower back problems in next to no time. Writing is an evil business, and the loose, languid nature of this ancient art is perfect to unstiffen those muscles – and come up with new ideas for stories.

5 Keepy-Uppies:

Charlie Chaplin from the film The Great Dictator

Charlie Chaplin from the film The Great Dictator

I am not a great footballer. I can’t run, have no stamina and have spatula feet – but then I didn’t eat the right food for 20 years so what do you expect? But I can do about 200 of these keepy-uppies with a nice pumped-up football in the back garden. Again, it’s a cracking exercise. If you can’t do keepy-uppies, you could still do some nice balancing exercises with the ball. You know, like Chaplin does with globe in The Great Dictator. Okay, maybe not.

So the point is, I’m not being prescriptive but just offering an insight about what works for me. The bottom line is, if I didn’t do those things then those wonderful novels and this beautiful blog would resemble a overheated Horlicks. It does already? I better bail out then.

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