Laura Dance was a perfectly normal girl with ambitions and dreams of becoming a successful filmmaker. That is, until one night, outside a secluded train station, changed the course of her life forever. With one action, the gang that threw the acid burned away, not only her skin, but also her future.

Three months on, Laura still struggling to make sence of it all. Things like that shouldn’t happen, not in small market town, not to eveyday people. Not ever. Although her mum tries to support her, laura finds little to find joy in. Life no longer seems to hold any promise or surprise – until a member of the gang contacts her begging for forgiveness…

With Jake opening up a new world for her, Laura finds a spark of the old filmmaking interest as she learns about the gang culture Jake comes from. With life slowly moving forward, Laura learns again to take risks, find courage and show others that one horrible event should not have the power to conrl your life.

This novel is also available on ebook. You can download on NetGelley and Adobe Digtal Editions app free until 30th July. The relesing date of this novel is going to be on 28th August. An absolutey gripping story of novel to read!

This is my husband Nasser Hashmi’s new book has been published, which is I published on his behalf because of his passing away left us all devastated. I am traying to get his creative writing and imagintive stories shear with the World. Nasser Hashmi was brilliant, and intelligent author, and jurnalist, loving husband and father of two children. He wss so funny, waer and welcoming personality such great fun to have a convver sation with him. We will always love him and treasured his work forever!!

Shabina Hashmi for Nasser Hashmi

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