Gluten-free Gwyneth gets fame-grilled

The way the tabloid media, in particular, have seized on Gwyneth Paltrow’s intriguing diet is predictable and frustrating, not least to those who suffer from Coeliac Disease.

Her choice to cut out gluten has been seen as a fad and dangerously unhealthy for someone already of a slim persuasion. To push the diet onto her kids has been seen as irresponsible as overbearing.

It’s unfortunate the debate about gluten free is always end up in a celebrity cul-de-sac like this, a sort of high stakes female-grilling with a poisonous fame-weight component. Other celebrities have been similarly hauled over the coals.

The point about gluten free is that, I believe, it can benefit everyone in society, but that it just from my perspective, speaking as suffer of Coeliac Disease.

I was one of the unlucky ones  (reading this site, you probably think I’m cursed) because I was undiagnosed from my childhood so the symptoms of the illness stayed with me for 30-years plus. I couldn’t eat the school dinners, had weak arms, couldn’t climb walls, nearly drowned in the swimming pool and had serious problems when PE came round. At home, it was even worse, with almost a total wheat and gluten-based diet, so in general, no nutrition was going into my body at all and life became extremely complicated.

And that was before the epilepsy started.

This is where I think the media have created an imbalance in the gluten-free debate. It’s a deadly serious business if you suffer from Coeliac Disease and there should be more reflection of the shades and nuances of ‘going’ gluten free. It isn’t just a lifestyle choice.

But I’m not holding my breath for better coverage. I have worked in the industry for a few years and know exactly what ticks the boxes of modern media editors. If it’s a choice between Mrs Coldplay’s alleged food fascism and a poor girl or boy suffering malnutrition in a sleepy town with a dodgy GP, then they’ll choose good old Gwyneth every time. Nice one Pal.

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